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Cross-Curricular Learning

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Cross-Curricular Learning at True Light has been providing students with a creative way to develop knowledge and generic skills while motivating them to learn through stimulating, interconnected topics across different disciplines. It also gives teachers multiple opportunities to facilitate active enquiry, data analysis, presentation and discussion among students.

Language across Curriculum

Language across Curriculum (LAC) teaching and learning packages with interactive learning activities and graded exercises on English, Mathematics, Science, History and Geography are provided for junior form students to enable them to learn across subjects with English as the medium and facilitator.

Cross-Curricular Learning Day

Through the annual Cross-Curricular Learning Day (CCLD), students are provided with task-oriented thematic learning opportunities to facilitate enquiries, inspiration, motivation, creativity and critical thinking. The tailor-made Cross-Curricular learning activities are held outside the classroom to broaden their horizon and enrich their learning experience.

Cross-Curricular Curriculum

A school-based Cross-Curricular Curriculum has been taking shape especially in the STEM education and Science subjects. Our STEM Education Centre is equipped with the novel facilities to ensure the efficient running of the STEM education lessons and activities.