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Learning and Teaching - Overview

True Light Girls’ College has been dedicating to offering high-quality school-based curricula with hope to equip our students with essential skills, practical knowledge and desirable personal qualities of True Light daughters. We work together towards a common goal – “Thou art the light of the World” – through pursuing academic excellence and cultivating desirable personal characters. To achieve this end, our school has the following approaches:

1. Whole-school Language Policy :

Our School is an EMI school. Junior non-language subjects taught in Chinese take than 5% of the total lesson time. There is English-rich environment at school to arouse students' interest in learning English, which are much enhanced by the provision of drama education in English lessons for S1 and S2 students. To enable students to be biliterate and trilingual. Putonghua lessons are designed for junior forms.

2. Learning & Teaching Strategies :

In pursuance of the Christian spirit of benevolence, the school aims to provide quality education for girls, laying equal emphasis on the moral, intellectual, physical, social, aesthetic and spiritual aspects of whole-person development so that the students can develop their full potential. Through the learning process which focuses on learning and thinking, students can acquire critical thinking, cultivate correct values and positive attitude to life.

3. School-based curriculum :​

To realise our rationales in education and the learning needs of students, school-based curricula are practised by Ethics, Life Education for junior forms and Aesthetic Development for the NSS curriculum, while there are tailor-made learning materials for different subjects to provide quality learning experiences for our students.

4. Key Tasks :

Students' learning effectiveness is very much enhanced first in classrooms as teachers flexibly adopt suitable teaching strategies to cater for their learning diversities, while students will be using cooperative learning skills to make their classroom learning twice as effective. In order to broaden students’ horizons and to motivate them to learn proactively, cross-curricular learning is much emphasised through the implementation of the Cross-curricular Learning Day and many tailor-made curricula, students’ self-directed learning abilities will also be strengthened as they acquire e-learning skills in Secondary One, enrich their learning experiences through engaging themselves in producing and enjoying educational Student TV programmes, and develop their reading-to-learn habits with the help of the School Library facilities and the Reading Periods.

5. Life Planning :

Our school has developed a systematic framework for life planning education for the holistic development of students. Students are provided with opportunities for understanding of themselves, career exploration and career management so that they can be more prepared to make informed choices for study and future career. With the support from such resources as the community and parents, a wide variety of activities such as talks, visits, job experience programmes and mentorship are also available and students are encouraged to participate in them. Apart from students, teachers and parents are also equipped to support students during their transition period from school to work in the form of staff development programmes, talks and workshops.