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Mooting and Mock Association Competition 2022-2023

Our S5 students competed in the English Division of the Hong Kong Schools Mooting and Mock Association Competition 2022-2023.

The participants for this academic year are Chiang Hiu Lam (5A), Iu Hei Laam (5A), Iu Wing Yi (5A), Choi Ki Yan (5B) and Cheng Yee Nga Andrea (5C). Iu Hei Laam was awarded the Bencher’s List of Honorary Mention for Outstanding Advocacy.

Our students took part in two mock trials in the Preliminary round and one moot in the Quarterfinals. The first moot was held in competition with St. Stephen’s Girls’ College on 29th October, 2022. For the second mock trial on 12th November, 2022, our students battled with Victoria Shanghai Academy.

As one of the best school teams in the Quarterfinals, our students achieved exemplary results. Throughout this competition, our students were able to hone their critical analysis skills, public speaking and presentation ability, as well as gaining a chance to explore the world of law.