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S1 Form Association Inauguration Ceremony

The S1 Heng Pu Form Association Inauguration Ceremony 2022-2023 was held on 13th March 2023. The ceremony is an annual event to cultivate the spirit of solidarity as well as a sense of belonging among S1 students. Not only does it bear witness for the growth of the S1 students, but it also reflects the spirit and sisterhood of the Sister Forms System. Parents and guests greatly appreciate the inspiring performances of our S1 students.


The ceremony commenced with an inspirational speech presented by our Principal Mr. Tam Kim Hung, who welcomed the guests to participate in this meaningful moment and congratulated our S1 students to reach the key milestone in their vibrant secondary school life. It was followed by the encouraging speech of our alumna Ms. Chung Cheuk Kwan Vienna, who shared about her good old times as a True Light student and encouraged all S1 students to enjoy their invaluable learning experiences in True Light. The S1 girls also put up some impressive performances on music, drama and English and Chinese solo verse speaking. The whole occasion was filled with a sacred, joyful and enthusiastic atmosphere.