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True Light Girls’ College 50th Anniversary Variety Show – Count Our Blessings

The 50th Anniversary Variety Show was held at Xiqu Centre on 29th June 2023. The Show reached the zenith of our school’s 50th Anniversary celebration. It consisted of a splendid array of student performances, including School Orchestra, Old Girls’ Choir, School Choir, Chinese Orchestra, Cantonese Opera and Hungarian Dance.

The Show culminated in the Original A Cappella Theatre named “True Light Times in Braids”. A total of 15 True Light girls made good use of only vocal singing to introduce the True Light history from the Qing Dynasty. The Show highlighted our True Light culture and traditions, including double braids, cheongsam, rope-skipping competitions and our school motto. Sincere gratitude would be extended to the Production Team, including Mr. Ng Cheuk Yin (renowned music composer and producer), Mr. Chris Shum (lyricist), Mr. Pichead Amornsomboon (co-director), Mr. Tsang Ho Fung Ronald (co-director) and Ms. Lok Yan Wa Lorain (music director).


Another spectacular show was the Original Cantonese Opera dubbed “True Light – the Light that Glows in History”. This play describes the story of our school founder, Ms. Harriet Noyes, who tackled all obstacles and founded the True Light Middle School, the first women’s school in Guangdong Province. The faa daan – the leading female character – in the Cantonese Opera was played by our alumna Ms. Tse Sze Ching Toby. Most of the performers included our students and teachers, with our Principal Mr. Tam Kim Hung performing the background vocal. Particular gratitude goes to the Original Cantonese Opera Team, including Ms. Chow Kit Ping (scriptwriter), Ms. Wong Kam Mui (director), Mr. Chan Kai Kwan (instrumental instructor), Mr. Cheng Hong Kan (percussion instructor) and Ms. Cheung Po Wah (singing instructor).


The Show ended with the world premiere of “True Light Medley”, in which all participants, performers and audiences took part in the ensemble. The success of the Show attributed to our Music Teacher Ms. Tse Wing Sum, Principal Tam, teachers, parents, students and alumnae, who paid a considerable amount of time and effort in preparation for this 50th Anniversary celebratory programme. The whole occasion was filled with a sacred, joyful and enthusiastic atmosphere.